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This page last modified on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Software Registration Manager by HomeRun Software is a program to manage and keep track of Software Registration information for all your software purchases.
With most of the programs we purchase, we receive a registration/installation key or number.
In the 21st century, we purchase and download software most of our software on-line and receive our registration information via email. 
Generally for on-line purchases, we receive a Registration Key via email.
For software we purchase from a store, we receive a Registration Key with the software package

When we purchase a new computer, we need to re-install our software.
We generally can find the downloaded software in the Download folder of our old computer. If not, we can get a new software installation package from the Web.
We have the CD's for the store purchased software.
When it comes time to finding the key we received when we purchased the software, we can hope that we kept the disk and the Registration Key together.

With the Software Registration Manager, we have all the information we require to reinstall all our software.
With the Software Registration Manager, our problem is solved. Once installed, we can get the Registration Codes and where applicable the User Name we received to use the software.